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Is CoachHub really free or are their hidden charges?

Yes, CoachHub is totally free. How is this possible? It's all thanks to our corporate sponsors. As such, we encourage you to support them.

Does it cost to send and receive text messages?

CoachHub does not charge for text messages, however, carriers' applicable text message rates do apply.

Why do I need to provide my cell phone number when I register?

Your phone number will appear on the list that contains the parents' phone numbers. This is to help in the event of an emergency.

Will anyone from CoachHub ever call and try to sell me anything?

No, you will never be called by CoachHub. Nor any of our sponsors. (If you do, you can rest assured that they didn't get your phone number from us.)

Will I be inundated with spam email?

Absolutely not. However, you will, if you opt in, receive special offers, tips and the like via email from our sponsors. This content will always be sports-related and you will always have the opportunity to opt out.

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Do you anticipate adding more sports? Which ones?

Absolutely. Additional sports will be added soon. And our long-term goal is to have every organized youth sport covered by CoachHub.

Do I need my league's permission to use CoachHub?

No, you don't need your league's permission, or anyone's for that matter. However, we strongly encourage you to share CoachHub with other coaches and the administrators in your league. They will all appreciate hearing about a better, easier approach to kids' sports.

Is any special software required?

No. CoachHub is a web-based application, so as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, you're good to go.

Will CoachHub work with any web browser?

Yes, CoachHub works with all the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Can I access CoachHub via my smart phone or tablet?

Yes. In fact, there is a special version of CoachHub just for your mobile device. You simply browse to, and the rest is easy.

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What do you do with the phone numbers and emails you collect?

Your phone number will never be shared with anyone else. Sponsors will only have access to your email if you opt-in to programs in order to receive special offers and the like. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to opt out. View our privacy policy.

Can anyone outside the team view my team's data or photos?

No. Only the coach and those individuals he or she has invited to register on your team's page⎯such as assistant coaches and parents⎯can see the team's data. And only those associated with your specific CoachHub team will have access to the team photos. View our privacy policy.

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User Experience

Do I need to create a new account for each team I coach?

No, you only need one CoachHub account. When it comes time to create a new team, perhaps for the following season, you do just that. And, to make things easier, you can transfer data from one season to the next.

Who can add or change events on the team calendar?

Anyone the coach deems appropriate can be granted access to change the calendar. The coach is able to make this distinction when he adds parents to the team roster.

Can I choose to send emails or text messages to just select parents?

No, when you send emails and texts, it goes out to all the parents who have confirmed their account and have entered an email and phone number.

Can I send emails and texts to my players, too?

No. CoachHub is an adult-to-adult communication tool.

What do I do if a parent chooses not to participate in CoachHub?

Well, you'll have to rely on the old-fashioned methods and call or mail information, schedule changes, game updates, etc. Hopefully, after hearing from other parents how much easier CoachHub makes their lives, this parent will participate, too.

Can video be uploaded into the photo gallery?

No, not at this time. We do hope to add this feature in the near future.

When the season is over, do I have to "close down" my CoachHub team site? What happens to the data and the photos?

You have the option to archive a past season, if you so choose. All the data and photos are saved in that archive. When it's time for a new season, it's easy to go in and retrieve data from that archive.

If I have questions or feedback or if something isn't working properly, who should I contact?

If I want to report misuse on inappropriate behavior on CoachHub, who should I contact?

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